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Purpose of the Bed Tite Bed Sheet

Problem - After sleeping on a bed sheet for a week, the strands of fiber woven into the sheet begin to strech.  The bottom sheet fit the bed right after washing and drying, but toward the time to rewash, it does not fit the bed tightly. In other words the sheet grows from laying on and moving around on the sheet.  After you wash and dry the sheet the fibers shrink back to where they are suppose to be, thus a nice fit.  

Solution - Bed Tite sheet was created with a permanent self adjusting feature.  This insures proper fit of the sheet day 1 to day 7 of the average use cycle between washes.  The built in elastic senses when the sheet is growing over time and tighens it grip on the mattress. The problem of pop up sheet corners is now solved.

(Bed Tite Sheets are patent pending)

1- Fit, Bed Tite fitted sheet is designed to stay on the bed, no more waking up with a sheet corner popped off over your head or up under you.  Will not slip or slide off your bed.

2- Easier to put on the bed,  with our distinctive design you will always know the top and bottom of your sheet and put it on the bed right the first time.

3- Lasting, Bed Tite is a patent pending design that is seamless like a traditional sheet, there is no sewn in end panels that could come off after repeated washings.

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4- Fits any depth of mattress from deep pocket to thin, adjustable, tempurpedic, sleep number, memory foam, latex and regular foam mattresses.