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Tired of your sheets popping off the bed while you are trying to sleep?  Find out the benefits of Bed Tite. more>

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If your company would like to consider adding the Bed Tite product line to your assortment, please contact us. more>

Not since the last century has there been a development to improve the basic bed sheet.  We all have one on our bed.  A new solution to sleep better is here.  See the retailer listing.

BedTite sheets fit all depths of mattresses.  Look at the picture below, that's a 12” deep mattress, the sheet snaps into place when you lift the corner of the mattress.  The multiple lines of elastic are sewn into the top and bottom of the fitted sheet material to create the maximum staying power of any bed sheet.  Bed Tite Sheets fit any style or depth of mattress with the same great fit.

" A new bed sheet 
that will not slip or slide!
Bed Tite. "

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